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To put the biggest wag possible into your dogs tail!

Who we are

Wag and Walk has three team members with unique skill sets to best service the different sectors of the pet industry. Natalia Zuk is a pet care specialist, incredibly reliable and has the magic touch for those timid dogs. Starcey has a great sense of patience in grooming and always has a list of dogs to rescue and Aaron is our behaviorist with 14 years experience in a training center with dogs and a background in psychology. You can trust that your dog is safe and will be happy under our care and system. 

The most authentic example of Aaron's methods lay within his own dog, Lanaya. Not only does Lanaya execute commands consistently at such a young age, she does so without the fear of punishment. The zest of life is apparent in her eyes as she exhibits desirable behaviours without any direction.

With a genuine and psychological understanding of animals, their minds and how to educate the owner handling them, our system will leave a Paw-sitive impact on you and your pets. Whether it be taking care of your fur baby while you're away or training you and your dog to get rid of an undesirable behaviour, we will do our absolute best to help you.

Wag and Walk offers a variety of pet related services. We offer in-home training to fix any undesirable behaviours your dog may be exhibiting. Can't be home to take your dog out? Does your dog need a little extra exercise? Hire a premium dog walker with us, we have great rates and a loyalty program. 

We also offer yard clean-up and overnight house sitting. We also implement any requested training methods into our routines. If sitting before crossing the road is part of your training, that's what we'll do!

Yes we do cats, fish, administer medication and water plants. We do everything we can do to keep you happy. Contact us today to see how we can help you.