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 Wag and Walk offers many pet related services including dog walking, pet care, training and yard clean-up.

We value customer service and quality pet care. Your pet will be taken care of by a quality dog walker. Wag and Walk guarantees you'll be satisfied with our services and training, if not, we'll make it right! 

We help in situations where obedience training, just doesn't cut it.

You're not getting a dog trainer, you're getting an animal behaviorist!

Obedient dogs are dogs that respond to commands, but the reality is that the moment you turn your back to your dog or stop telling them what to do, they make their own decisions again. These decisions are often undesirable. We shape their decision making process through our positive methods of training. That way, you're not always having to tell your dog what to do,  they'll make the appropriate decision off the the get go and you can finally stop having to say "Stop! Sit! Off! & Quiet!".

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"Having someone take care of your dogs is more than just giving them basic care, it’s a relationship. Aaron has that with the dogs he cares for. Our dogs, Daisy and Titan adore him. To be honest, I think Daisy would go home with him most times if given the choice. We highly recommend Aaron for any pet care. He is trustworthy, dependable and above all truly cares for our Daisy and Titan.  

-TV personality ChefD"

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