Does your dog:

Misbehave when excited?

​Pull on the leash?

Pee in the house?

Guard objects or the food bowl?

Jump on and chew everything?

Bark too much?

Get a bit nasty while on a leash?

Suffer separation anxiety?

We can fix these without fear based training methods or damaging the relationship between you and your dog. 

These are just some of the common problems we deal with. 

Prevent aggression, prevent reactivity, prevent negative behaviors in general before they even manifest. It's much easier to be proactive and prevent bad behavior than it is to counter-condition established negative behaviors.

Give us a call and let us know what we can do for you! 

We offer Training classes and private training. Info on both below!

​​​Training Classes

Bronze Bone Puppy Training Class- 6 weeks

(6 months or younger)

Our Bronze program has been designed for puppies and their development.

Little biting, jumping, peeing and pulling machines with razor sharp teeth, we provide all the solutions here! This is an introduction to both obedience and manners.

You can also expect the following curriculum:

Sits, Downs, Chewing, Biting, Recall, Potty training, Walking nicely and more!

We also gift our puppy students $300 in daycare to help socialize their puppies in this very important time!

Cost : $320 + hst

Next Class Dates:

April 12th - 2021

​Silver Bone Training

Class - 7 weeks

Our silver bone program has been designed for dogs over the age of 6 months, or graduates of our Bronze program.

We’re going to teach dogs how to make the right decision, even when they’re not being told what to do, and yes, we can help you with the stubborn ones.

Some things you can expect to learn in this program include:

Automatic Sits, Automatic downs, Stay (with distractions),

Loose leash walking, Recall (come when called), Polite greeting guests at door, heel at my side and more!

We also fix jumping, barking and more and provide Q&A after EVERY class!

This program gives our clients $210 in free daycare to continue their socialization journey for their pups to develop into a sound, happy dog.

Cost: $340+ hst

Next Class Dates:

April 12th - 2021

Private Training Rates:  *custom rates available by phone and curriculum.

Single hour:                                $125

Puppy Package (under a year of age) : $260

-Three sessions, roughly an hour each and we have more packed into our curriculum than any other school!

-Includes free phone support with myself during training.

-also includes 2 free days of puppy daycare at Wag and Train's facility.

Adult Dog Package ( 1 year +)  : $260

-two sessions, roughly an hour each and we focus more on counter-conditioning already established behaviours and shaping desirable ones.

-also includes two free days of dog daycare at the Wag and Train facility if the dog is social.

Dog Training

Boot Camp: 

Leave your dog with us! We'll train your dog and when your fur baby is ready to come home, enjoy a free transitional session on us so that we can show you how to maintain what we've done!

We can help you create the perfect family pet!

Watch these 6 second videos to see what we can do for your puppy. Archie is ONLY 10 WEEKS OLD. Notice that he isn't being lured or bribed with food or being obedient out of fear. 

New puppy? 

Ask about puppy training and save yourself from the frustration and costs of damage later on! 

Proactively prevent negative behaviours from ever developing with our puppy training!